Vi skaber møbler i samarbejde med et talentfuldt design team af danske designere og arkitekter, som alle deler en passion for innovativt og inspireret møbeldesign, der konstant søger at udfordre mulighederne indenfor både udtryk og funktion. Sammen udforsker vi det unikke danske design, hvor rene linjer i både møblets form, funktion og æstetik skaber funktionelt design med uendelige muligheder.


Eva Harlou is a renowned Danish architect working within the fields of architecture and interior design. Soon after graduating from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2003, she became the head of the competition department in the architectural firm, 3XN.

Eva strives to frame human life where architecture and design are both handcraft and art. In 2006, she created Earth Studio with a focus on sustainable architecture, interior design and furniture design.

“Great design is functional, durable and beautiful. Great design makes our lives better. An architect has a responsibility of trying to understand human nature and to make a clever design respond to what is going on in the world.”

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Amanda Lilholt is a Copenhagen based designer. Studio Amanda Lilholt was founded in 2015 and with an academic training in the theory and practice of fine art from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Amanda approaches furniture design with a singular and acutely honed eye.

Her furniture and objects demonstrate a preoccupation with materiality and experimentation and her highly sculptural work, while showing an astute respect for the past, is derived from pure self expression and instinct.

“My design process is intuitive and experimental. For me design is all about feelings; to leave an impression with the beholder. It’s about pushing limits and to challenge the already existing. To not limit myself I forget all about function in the process and focus on how to create interesting objects. Afterwards I combine aesthetics and function and I’m left with a piece of design that reflects my perception of great design.” 

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Sofie Rueskov Sundby graduated the Masters in Furniture Design at The Royal Academy in 2022 in Copenhagen.

“I usually initiate my designproces pretty hands-on by trying out different techniques and approaches. This is expressed in the design of MOON TABLES where I experimented with linseed oil and pigmentation to find the exact surface and colors that I dreamt about.Colors have great significance in our everyday life and they impact us more than we think. They give life and ambiance to our surroundings, they tell a story and reflect moods and memories. Color was the main focus during this design process because I wanted to create a piece of design that makes it easy for us to express our personality and individuality in our home.”

The MOON TABLES design is honest and intuitive and created with this idea in mind that it should immediately tell you how it functions and how to assemble it - without the use of tools, glue or screws.

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Sigurd Larsen is a Berlin based Danish architect working within the fields of architecture and furniture design. His studio was founded in 2010 and has completed projects within the fields of housing, hotel, educational and cultural buildings and will continue to explore new fields. The work of the design studio aims to combine the aesthetics of high quality materials with functional concepts for complex spaces.

Sigurd Larsen has a master degree from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen and from 2016 he has been a Professor at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences where building design and visual communication is explored through teaching and research.

"To design a sofa can be compared to designing a suit. It's a matter of leaving out a few elements, and it's no longer a suit. From season to season only minimal changes are done to update our perception of the perfect design."

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Amalie Rafn Mogensen from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture is working within the fields of furniture design, architecture and landscaping. Amalie has designed KOMMA.

“What combines the work within all three fields is the idea of creating a dialogue between the design and the context that it must fit into and correspond with. It is my belief that the architect’s artistic and personal touch creates this dialogue making the particular piece of design come alive and inspire.”

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RÖD STUDIO is a design duo based in Copenhagen and consists of textile designers Anne Louise Rasmussen and Maja Marie Halling.

Through an experimental approach to textile design they challenge the conventional ideas of shapes and techniques. With a passion for materiality and colours they explore a playful and humorous expression. The carpets and textiles are handmade and made out of carefully selected materials.

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