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Known as Vibbe among friends, Vibeke Nygaard’s creativity defines her every move, and as a buyer for Bestseller her passion for both style and interior comes as no surprise! We met up with Vibbe on a rather gloomy Thursday, but the moment we set foot in her home, our imaginations came alive! Her artful and bright apartment in Aarhus feels like a museum where every knick-knack has been thoughtfully curated, and even the smallest detail has a story. A collector of all things quirky and colorful, once acquainted, you can tell that this is a pure reflection of her personality. 

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What does 'the feeling of home' mean to you and how is it reflected in your home?

To me the feeling of home defines a space where I can be completely true to myself and explore my own creativity. It’s also something super personal as it is a pure reflection of me as a person where I surround myself with everything I have carefully collected throughout my life.

What was the first (special) thing you remember buying for your apartment?

The first thing we bought for this home was either our TWIN or maybe I already bought some of the funny vintage mirrors for our hallway. But the couch is like a centre piece in our living room. All other furniture and interiors are picked to match or intentionally not to match the couch.

In what way does the TWIN sofa compliment your needs and style?

The TWIN sofa is the perfect match for us as it’s both aesthetic while also functional. It’s really deep compared to other sofas on the market and since my boyfriend loves to cuddle, he was totally sold on the idea. We have a distinct love for velvet as well! We had an old second-hand velvet sofa before and it was so easy to clean which in general is just something you wish for a sofa. TWIN is a match made in heaven and last but not least the mustard color is amazing! 

You obviously love colors and to surround yourself with them. Why?

Colors just make me happy. I use colors in my home to unfold all of the creative ideas in my mind.
My soul is stimulated when I’m surrounded by colors.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Trust the process. Sometimes it can be very difficult to imagine the final result when you for instance take on a home renovation. Trust the process and open your mind to all the good things the process will also hand you. It’s ok if something doesn’t turn out the way you were hoping for, nothing is final and you can always make changes if you are not happy with it. Try to find peace in imperfection - nothing and no one is perfect anyway - this epiphany will be a healthy process for you and your creative mind.

What's something people may be surprised to know about you?

I feel like an open book but some may be surprised that I’m really competitive and my temper unfolds in competitions. I’m honestly a very sweet person, but losing in games of all sorts will show a very different side of me!

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My perfect day in Aarhus:

Go for a walk in the nearby area of Risskov and enjoy the ocean view and the smell of chives in spring.(psst.. these are amazing for homemade pesto) Pick up a sourdough bun while strolling through the food market at Ingerslev Boulevard on Wednesdays and Saturdays.Grab yourself an Italian-inspired sandwich at ll Mercation and grab a beer at Lecoq in the heart of Latinerkvartereret in Aarhus. Byens Ismejeri at Aarhus Ø serves the BEST homemade gelato in town! Ping pong at Shen Mao at night!

And last but not least we ask you to finish these 4 sentences:

This year I want to...
do a small creative start-up.

Never trust...
a broken heart.

You'll never see me...
in BLACK from top to toe.

When in doubt always...
trust your GUT FEELING!