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Needless to say, Sarah Hartmann is a true friend of Formel A, the creative mind behind @saraheartmann, we had the pleasure of exploring her sanctuary of creativity, her Berlin studio, on this second visit. This studio is where Sarah’s DIY projects and social media content come to life. Sarah and her close friend, the artist Peter-Maximilian Ronsdord, coexist in this space, with complimentative colorful artwork adorning the space. The walls are ornate with past creations, and tools, materials, and ongoing projects engage our eyes and minds from every angle. Sarah's journey into the world of DIY projects began on Instagram, and her now full-time profession is thriving in this artistic space.We might be biased, but the highlight is, of course, the TWIN SOFABED in light blue bouclé, taking center stage and serving as a hub for her creative concepts - a place to rest, to find calm and focus. Sarah's creations go beyond mere art; they are stories waiting to be shared. Her studio is a source of constant inspiration, where discarded items find new life and purpose through her passion and ingenuity.

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What led you to choose the TWIN SOFABED in light blue boucle for your studio?

That was a super quick decision for us. The design of the twin sofa has already impressed me in my home and we wanted to be a little more colorful for our studio. This is our cosmos in which we can experiment with color combinations and together with our pink kitchen it creates a great design concept for the lounge area. We love that we have the option to turn the couch into a full-size bed so you can relax after long days in the studio.

Is the feeling of HOME important to you in your studio as much as in your own home?

That's one of the most important things to me. I wanted to create a space where I feel inspired and could go to work with full energy. Since I previously worked from home, I brought this feeling of home into the studio with the couch of course taking the main role and contributing significantly to the living room feeling.

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What sparked your passion for blending DIY projects with interior design, and how did that journey begin for you?

I moved to Berlin about 3 years ago now. With my first underpaid full-time job as a graphic designer under my belt, I moved into my first apartment of 20 square meters. I had no money but I had big dreams of creating a small oasis of color that would inspire me in my creative profession. Driven by the ambition of not wanting to buy any Ikea furniture, I switched to inexpensive second-hand furniture that I could pick up in my neighborhood. I wasn't afraid to just go and start with paint and tools and create my own individual pieces of furniture. I still do that to this day and I love the combination of these old personalized pieces and design classics. That probably defines my style best.

Sustainability. is a recurring theme in your work. How do you incorporate eco-friendly elements into your projects,
and why is this important to you?

Sustainability is not my main motivation for doing what I do. But I try to make sustainable decisions in all my projects. Deciding to upcycle instead of buying new is the first step. I also work mainly with wood materials, which are the easiest to work with and can be changed again and again. I love giving a new life to pieces of furniture that would actually be ready for the trash. That sounds very cheesy but that's exactly what it is. Second-hand furniture is usually full of stories and therefore not perfect, but that's exactly what I love about working with them. It gives you the space to put new energy, love and ideas into the piece of furniture thereby extending the life of the piece and creating
a unique piece according to your taste.

What advice would you give people who are on a budget, but
still want to create a unique and stylish home?

Have a look around. What is already in your home? What might be in your grandparents' basement? Maybe your neighbour is giving away his old dining room table. Here in Berlin you also often stumble over furniture on the sidewalk. Look for materials that are changeable and easy to repair. It is absolutely possible to furnish an entire apartment in a very individual and modern way with a small budget.

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With your growing social media following, how do you balance your creative work with the demands of sharing your projects and inspirations with your online community?

I try to balance these thoughts every day. But I've found a really good way to not put too much pressure on myself to perform on social media every day.Something creative happens in my apartment every day, even if it's just a vase moving to another place. My mother and I have DIY fingers, we always have to do something. There is a list on my phone with all the ideas I would
like to try out. But it usually takes a while before I implement them. I have to get materials and do research to see if what I'm trying to do will actually work.The art is then to cut projects, some of which last several weeks, short and sweet for “Instagram” or “Tiktok” and make it look easy.
You can't see all my tantrums, blood and tears on social media but they are definitely happening.

How do you choose the color schemes and themes for your projects, and what's your favorite color to work with at the moment?

My style is very inspired by the 70s, Space Age and Wes Anderson films. I usually plan around two or three larger pieces of furniture, the rest falls into place. I'm currently a big fan of orange and blue but also bright red in combination with beige, so I actually love all the happy colors :) Your atelier is obviously a workspace but also a place where you should feel calm and inspired - how do you balance practicality and aesthetics and how do you feel this space has succeeded? Our studio space is still a work in progress. I love the interaction between Peter's large, colorful paintings and my curated vintage furniture. This interaction is pure inspiration for me. My actual work area is still pure chaos. Since I'm currently in the process of developing my first and own piece of furniture, this is priority number one right now and I work well in chaos without any demands on aesthetics. But we have the lounge area, which also serves as a small showroom for finished projects. So pure chaos next to the cozy living room feeling. I really like that combination. I hope to invite more people to the studio in the future, for example, to hold upcycling workshops. I really want to let my community into our world in real life.