A woman of many talents, Eva Harlou has assimilated a magic trio into the form of her career: architect, furniture designer, and tv personality. From early on in her professional life, she has felt the great joy and responsibility that comes with design, while finding inspiration in how people live. Eva designed our prominent FRIDAY sofa and has become a dear friend of ours, so we sat down in her FRIDAY sofa to get to know our Friend of Formel A a little bit more.Upon entering her beautiful home in Copenhagen, you are met with a cultivated feeling of calm and warmth. A place that truly reflects her, you can instantly feel the importance of having a functional home where you also feel home.

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You’ve been working as an architect now for 20 years. When you look back at the countless projects you’ve done which ones have left the biggest impact on you?

I always get very emotionally attached to the projects that I work on. I guess it not only takes good sense of space and functionality to create a project, but also a great deal of empathy. You have to really listen and watch and take your time to fully understand the client’s needs and dreams. One of the first villas that I designed as a young architect left a big impact on me. I guess this was one of the first times that I realized the great responsibility that actually comes with the job of being an architect. And the joy of course!

When designing a sofa like FRIDAY where did you seek inspiration? 

When designing FRIDAY I found inspiration in the way that people live. And I wanted to create a piece of furniture that corresponds with our different lifestyles and living situations. I chose to create something that can easily follow the natural changes that occur in life. Therefore you can rearrange your FRIDAY modules to suit everyone’s needs. I wanted to design a sofa that is ultimately comfortable and gives great support to your body. FRIDAY welcomes your body and it is soft to the eye from every angle. 

If you look back at the process of designing FRIDAY,
were there any surprises – good or bad - along the way?

To me the best part of the process is when people start living with my design. I spend so much time designing, adjusting and testing but the absolute most important and infinitely best part is the moment I release and launch the design. It’s like sending your kids out in the world and just hope they will succeed.I absolutely love to see how people choose to use the FRIDAY sofa in their homes. People are so creative and have such good taste. And they all inspire me just as I – hopefully inspire them.

What item in your home is your absolute favorite (besides FRIDAY of course)?

I have a strong bond to almost all of my things and I have many favorites. It has nothing to do with how fancy or how valuable they are. But I always know the story behind each piece of furniture or knick-knacks: Who is the designer? What were the thoughts behind this particular piece of design? The more you
get to know your piece of design and its history, the more attached with it you will feel. 

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How has design improved your life?

Design has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with parents who were very interested in furniture design and architecture. In that way it’s not a surprise that I do what I do. I live and breathe design. And I might be a bit biased but I strongly believe that good design improves all of our lives. It can be that perfect pen, a
great proportioned chair, things that are intuitively easy to use or breathtakingly
beautiful. Things that are done well are good for us. It’s that simple.

How does a perfect Sunday look for you?

The best Sundays are spend with my family and close friends. I also love to spend my Sundays visiting museums and exhibitions. I might also work a little and prepare for the following week. What I really enjoy on Sundays is to wake up early
and sit in silence with a sketchbook and a cup of coffee.

What color best describes you as a person?

I rarely use this color in my projects but now that you ask I personally
would love to say red. Red is classic, feminine, warm and strong.

What's something people don’t know about you?

Some people think that my surname is somehow exotic. It’s actually a very Danish family name made in 1916 of my great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather born in parts of Jutland back then called Har-dsyssel and Lou-syssel.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Time just flies by in the company of a really good tv-show. I can spend all
night in my FRIDAY watching episode after episode after episode
of my favorite streaming TV-series.