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Transitioning from a mere dream to a tangible reality, Cherifa Akili embraced the life of a full-time influencer, and she hasn't looked back! Now, she earns a livelihood by inspiring people in both the digital realm and real life. Her refined taste in fashion has influenced her growing interest in interiors and is evident in her minimalistic style and unique sense of detail which translates into her home's atmosphere. She welcomed us to her Hamburg residence for coffee and pastries, and shared insights into the experience of leaving a traditional office job and embracing entrepreneurship, and discussed the genuine sources of her inspiration.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of being your own boss?

I love being my own boss. I can make my own decisions, but I also have to take responsibility for them. The disadvantages are not having financial security, taking care of the accounting consistently and often having a higher workload than a normal 9 to 5 job. But those disadvantages help me outgrow myself, which I guess makes them advantages again. I think that's why I like being self-employed so much.

How do you set goals for yourself - and most importantly keep them?

Usually set my goals too high and wish for many things too quickly. But if you don't set your goals high enough, you probably won't achieve as much as someone who does. I am very ambitious and work on my goals until I reach them. When I reach a goal, it motivates me to move on to the next one.

Who's your style icon and what about this particular person inspires you?

I think I don’t have one – so many things inspire me in everyday life but no
person in particular.

In what way does the TWIN sofa compliment your interior style?

I wanted clean lines at home with strong and clear designs. The TWIN Sofa combines
both and gives our living room a high-quality place of rest.

In your opinion what constitutes the feeling of home?

We were on vacation last week and on the last days, there was a feeling of joy for coming home. Me and my boyfriend created a place where we always like to come back and feel 100% comfortable. On one hand, this is because we have designed our apartment exactly as we wanted and on the other hand living with your favorite person makes the
apartment a home.

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What's your favorite thing about living in Hamburg and what is a
must see/go-to if visiting the city for the first time?

Hamburg is the best best best city in Germany to live in. I think it has the best sides of Berlin and Munich but with a lot more parks and water. So for your first visit: Grab a coffee and take a walk around the river Alster in the city centre and
end the day with drinks at the Fontenay bar – the view is amazing.

And last but not least we kindly ask you to finish these four sentences:

The best gift I've recieved...
was becoming a little sister at the age of 18!

The first thing I do in the morning...
is think about what I should cook for dinner.

In the summertime...
I really enjoy drinking orange wine on the balcony.

My personal style is...
simple, clean and sometimes unexpected.