When Sofie Ken greeted us on her door-step we instantly felt her very contagious cheerful energy! Sofie is an entrepreneur who, along with her friend Kathrine Maron, founded the fashion brand Tour Lava in 2021, where the love for colors and quirkiness is obvious! Her home is truly an expression of her style, and we found our eyes constantly wandering among the countless unique pieces she has collected over the years. The sun was out, and so were our smiles at Sofie’s colorful home in Frederiksberg.

Tell us a secret! What's something people might be surprised to learn about you?

That I don’t like soda. It always surprise people. Back in the days when I worked at McDonald’s it was a bit of a problem because it was the only ‘water’ they had haha.

Do you collect anything?

I collect shoes. I have way to many.

In your opinion what makes a house a home?

In danish we use the word ‘hygge’ - if your house is not ‘hygge’ then it’s not
a home if you ask me.

What is your best advice in terms of creating personal interior?

If you buy something new then mix it with something old - like I have added the old tapestry in the back of the sofa. I think that’s makes your interior more personal.

What do you love most about your PEAK sofa?

That it’s the most beautiful furniture in the room and then it’s also very comfy to sit/lay in! I think that’s the best combination - comfy and beautiful.

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