In 2012 Formel A opened the doors to their first Formel A showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. Today they are welcoming you in their showrooms at Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 22 in Berlin, at Nørregade 40 in Aarhus and in their flagship store at Esplanaden 1 in Copenhagen K.  

Mixed with a certain unpredictability and constant play with lines, form and color Formel A creates and manufactures Danish furniture crafted by hand presented in showrooms purely reflecting their colored and aesthetically passionated state of mind.


Sigurd Larsen, Amanda Lilholt, Eva Harlou, Röd Studio, Sofie Rueskov Sundby and Amalie Rafn Mogensen. The common denominator in their design approach is their passion for innovative and inspired furniture and interior design creating immense possibilities in function and expression. Formel A’s designteam connects the imaginative and innovative with the pratical in form and function and recognizes the home as an expression of who we are with furniture for everyday life. The aim is therefore to create and represent design that challenges our idea of aesthetics and inspire our beliefs via simple geometries and inspired minds and always with a story to tell.

During this year’s 3daysofdesign Formel A is launching a new sofa called PEAK designed by Sigurd Larsen. Sigurd was the very first architect to join their design team - setting the course of Formel A as we know it today.


PEAK is designed by Sigurd Larsen for Formel A:

“The composition of slopes and plateaus gives PEAK a silhouette of a roofscape - though soft and embracing when you dive into it. The seven different modules allow you to create an infinite number of sofa landscapes, and each module can be joined with the other modules to easily reconfigure into new compositions. And just like brickwork, PEAK offers a clean and pure expression with that characteristically playful overlap in the lines.”

You can create a PEAK sofa that embraces you like a cosy nest or play around with the different seating depths and backs for a more sculptural expression. A series of soft cushions in three different shapes are specially designed to complement the straight lines of the sofa.

In other words, remember to play and let your imagination run wild when combining your PEAK.