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Michelle Kurme-Gibbs (aka Miggy) opens the doors to her home and greets us with a radiant smile, we instantly notice thoughtful details, and that particular inexplicably welcoming feeling of home. Miggy, her husband Sebastian, and their son Phoenix recently moved into this mesmerizing apartment in the historic neighbourhood Weissensee in Berlin, where they mix interiors from all over the world and their impressive collection of books - neatly organised from A to Z - of course is Sebastian's pride and joy!

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What do you love most about living in Berlin?

From the moment I first visited Berlin, in my mid-20s (2008), I experienced a new kind of freedom. It was an instant love affair with the lack of pretension and the feeling of safety. It was so different in London, where I was in a perpetual rat race, just trying to keep up and always looking over my shoulder. Going home at night in London always involved clutching keys between fingers and avoiding dark corners. In Berlin, I was never concerned for my safety in that way. I could bike home from the club at 4 am and feel completely safe doing so - not a care in the world. It has of course changed a lot since then but I still feel that freedom in multiple ways here. I don't think it can be erased from this city.

What made you spring for your TWIN in cognac velvet?

I was first attracted by the design. So simple, yet eye-catching and the colour was ideal: Earthy, modern and perfectly complementary to the other colours in our home. I prioritize comfort and beauty when looking for such an important piece of furniture and TWIN had it all.

What is a Sunday well spent?

This really depends on the season but as it's summer now, a perfect Sunday involves being with my husband and son, at a beautiful, peaceful lake In Brandenburg, a short drive from Berlin. I love to cook a big Sunday meal and take it to the lake, where we can enjoy it on a picnic blanket, between dips in the water and chats in the shade. Sometimes we invite close friends to join us. I always go to bed with a smile on my face after a summer Sunday like that.

Do you collect anything?

I try to collect small mementoes from all of the places we visit. I like to fill my surroundings with little items that hold a lot of meaning for us. You'll find little tapestries, candle holders, blankets and other memorabilia around our home but I always try to keep things connected in style, somehow.

Is there a particular place, setting or situation where you find yourself being able to think stuff through, make necessary decisions or just let your mind wander - and why?

It's the lakes again. Actually, water in general. When I'm near a mass of water, I'm at ease. I literally feel a change in my body. My head clears and I can just be. There's nothing like it.

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What is your most random impulse buy?

A professional chef's mandolin. So random. I paid a crazy amount of money for this piece of kitchen equipment which I definitely didn't need and have literally never used it. I'm terrified of it cutting my fingers off!

Finish these three sentences:

You will never see me...

saying no to a mezcal cocktail if we're out one night.

I absolutely love... 

my family.

When I travel, I...

always like to visit local supermarkets and eat local food.