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With a career spanning over a decade, Melissa Bech has earned her keep as a visionary leader and innovator in the Danish fashion industry. Founder of the well-known clothing line Blanche and Enkel Studio, she's an enthusiastic powerhouse, and we have a feeling this is only the beginning! Upon stepping into Melissa's home, we were transported back to the 1960s (with a modern Danish touch, naturally!). Large picture windows, big green garden, chrome facets, tones of daring orange and black, and treasured vintage pieces are all a nod to the 1960s in this midcentury modern home. We were immediately captivated by her contagious laid-back vibe as we delved into discussions about design and life in general. Melissa is not just all about fashion and she is definitely an interior design enthusiast, all evident in the inviting ambiance of her home.

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What inspired you to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

Probably the aspect of working so directly with people.

You thrive entrepreneurially in the most pivotal stages of building a brand,
in your opinion, what constitutes a strong brand identity?

A focused mission, that a new customer quickly can decode.

Could you tell us about a particularly memorable project or
achievement from your career so far?

I think back and there is a lot, but one of the biggest was the collaboration
with Blanche x Christian Lacroix.

How do you stay creative and inspired in an ever-evolving industry like fashion?

I have learned to step away and take time to dive into something completely different - and come back with renewed energy.

Can you describe the process of decorating a home that both preserves the original feeling of this architectural dream but also reflects your modern style and needs?

I think it is about using color to give a modern dimension, I used a lot of orange tones and some chrome elements to keep in tune with the original atmosphere of the house. I love the soul of this house and want to keep it as close to the original as possible.

What made you go for the MAGMA sofa for this beautiful space, and how do you feel it connects with the house and the rest of your interior?

Its smooth edges fit perfectly with the late 60's vibe and the big windows, all while keeping the coziness of the couch. That is the true importance of a sofa - comfort, and to capture all the memories to come.

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How would you describe the feeling of home?
And what does home mean to you?

Peace and calm. That's why I enjoy this house so much, there are big trees in the garden, green everywhere you look and it just exudes calmness.

And last but not least we kindly ask you to finish these four sentences:

One thing you might be surprised to know about me is…
I'm truly obsessed with music and sing every chance I get -
even though I'm tone-deaf.

If I could collaborate with anyone, alive or dead,
in the world of fashion, it would be…
Phoebe Philo :)

My biggest strength is… my family

My biggest insecurity is… time. (more the lack of it)

The absolute best advice I have ever received must be…
Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've
been buried, but you've actually been planted.

My biggest dream is to… continue traveling the world.

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