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In every facet of life, Mathilde Prins’ deep appreciation for color is undeniable. As content creator and founder of her own slow fashion brand Odd Lemon, Mathilde’s boundless creative spirit permeates everything she does. And once you step into her home, it’s clear that one color in particular has won her heart, enveloping both her interiors and her wardrobe! Located at Amager, Copenhagen, her home has undergone a remarkable transformation under her care, from its clean lines and minimalism to its combined state of candy-colored elegance. Her skillful blending of colors and interior elements within her home is a calculated display of playfulness while also allowing a sense of calm and tranquility.

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What inspired you to start your own fashion brand?

Could write thousand words about this but I will try to keep it short. I’ve always been drawn by small makers who create unique and bold items. Where you can feel the passion, dreams and thoughts behind. And after working for a fashion brand which slowly became a fast fashion brand more than the brave and unique brand it was when I started working for them I compromised with myself way too long and I ended up stressed and unhappy about my work-life balance. I felt such an urge to create my world and get my own ideas and passion out. Cause I was so sure the world needed what I had to give. Haha! So I quit my full-time job and took a crazy chance but
here I am 7 years later and still my own boss. I could never imagine it to be any different.
I think I'm made to create my own way more than work others' way. Haha! 

How would you describe your personal style when it
comes to fashion and interior design?

Playful, bold and never-ending! I think that personal style is something that is always in development, something that grows with you as a human. You have some fundamental values and then the rest is just a rollercoaster as life itself. I have changed a lotafter I became a mum both in style and interior. I have sold 80% of my wardrobe and we only took our bed to our new Home. Needed to start all fresh. I still love colors and prints and surprising details, but my look both as a person and in our Home is much more calm and tight than years ago. 

When meeting you in person and stepping into your home it’s no secret that you’re not afraid of colors. What effect does color have on you and why
the urge for a colorful universe like this?

Colors simply make me happy. It just comes natural to me to choose the colorful palette
instead of the colorless. Colors affect me emotionally and I feel happy when I'm
surrounded by colors and prints in a harmonic way. 

What other elements in your home do you believe reflect your creative personality?

Everything is collected and picked very carefully, so I think of my/our entire home as one
whole reflecting my/our creativity. Many of our pieces are handmade and unique and
we have been involved in the process in some way. 

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What made you go for the MAGMA sofa - and why choose a color so much in
contrast with the rest of your interior?

I like contrasts and the MAGMA sofa has a very organic but also a very tight look. And the brown color adds a calmness to the sofa area and allows us to play around with colorful pillows and blankets. Even though I love colors it’s also very important to keepthe balance in a room so every piece and every color gets its own shine and is not drawn into each other and get the brain overstimulated. 

How would you describe 'the feeling of home' and how have you
created a home around it yourself?

To me “home” is a feeling of calmness, cozyness and feeling safe. A home is very personal and built over the years. I’m very much affected by energies, colors and my surroundings so my home reflects everything that makes me feel calm and happy inside. With that said, we are still in the process of building our dream home since we have only lived here for half a year and renovated everything from scratch.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Hmmm… I think Instagram and Pinterest are my biggest sources when it comes to home inspiration.

How would a perfect day look to you?

I wake up with my family without an alarm set and sense the sun shining from a blue sky through the curtains. Everyone is waking up happy and feeling good. We take our time to eat a good breakfast at home or in a cafe depending on our son's mood. Haha! A perfect day to me is a day with my family without a plan but where we go on small adventures and where time is not a thing.
We just go with the flow.

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