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We can't help but admire Maria Jernov – a true powerhouse of talent, a natural creative, influencer, and one of the founding members of the all-girls skateboard community 'GRLS UNTAMED.' Maria's mantra, 'treat everyone with kindness,' was forged during her time in L.A., and you truly feel this in her presence. Stepping into her Copenhagen home, it's evident that Maria possesses an undeniable urge to create, balancing colorful decorative elements in a home that also celebrates a minimalist touch.

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How would you describe the difference of the L.A. versus the
Copenhagen mindset - and which do you prefer?

I feel like L.A. often gets a “bad rep” for being superficial, I guess it’s because of Hollywood and the people it attracts, but for me, living in L.A. gave me a sense of community that I’ve never had living in Copenhagen. I love the openness and the “can do” attitude of Angelenos and how you can suddenly become friends with your local farmers market fish guy named Luke. It really is a city of massive opportunity and I find that endlessly fascinating. But I’m also in awe of the social scene Copenhagen transforms into in the summer, especially because as the light returns to Denmark, people also tend to become a bit more open. I love sitting outside until 10 PM in the soft summer light while eating amazing food with friends, I totally get why tourists are gabbing over Copenhagen, it’s a beautiful city. Both places have a very special place in my
heart and offer different things.

Are there any particular influences to your interior style?

I’m very influenced by spaces that feel “homey”, I’ll always choose homey over aesthetic. I love to mix the warm California interior influence with the cleanliness of Scandinavian design. Warm wood mixed with white boucle, paintings made by friends, some vintage finds here and there and of course homemade ceramics, it’s all about good vibes in the end. The first time I felt I had successfully decorated my apartment was a wet autumn afternoon last year when my tired beloved friends jumped straight onto the couch and I made them tea. They just hung out and laid around the apartment, talked and listened to music and I thought to myself “This is home”.

 Do you collect anything?

I am so fortunate to have very artistic friends who do ceramics, paint or interpret the world around them via art in some shape or form, so I try to collect as many of their pieces as I can. For example, the big painting in my living room is by artist Frederik Bogh who is the husband of one of my closest friends and my little blue linoleum print is by my best friend, who did a portrait of me for my 28th birthday. It’s a way for me to feel like they are in my apartment even
when we are scattered all around the world. 

What's your favourite item at home?

Apart from the art, it’s definitely my couch. It’s really the centerpiece of my living room
and I look at it every day and feel very proud it resides in my home.

What is something you value that isn't "valuable"?

Well, everything you give value, is valuable right? If something I concern myself with becomes invaluable to me, I pass it on to someone else. But something I value very much is my father’s beautiful guitar that sits in my living room. It brings me joy every day. 

If you could travel back in time where would you go and why?

I’d transport myself back to the late 1960s, early 1970s and sit on a porch in Southern California next to Joni Mitchell and I’d be a part of her music journey as she wrote her album “Blue”. The iconic album that represents the turning points and pinnacles of 20th-century popular music. 

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Describe your interior style in three words...

Sunny, Homey, Airy

Tell us a secret!

Here’s a secret: the best thing you can do for other people is work on yourself, shhhh tell everyone!

Finish these three sentences:

A great style to me is...

I would say to my younger self...
I love you

You will never see me...
say “I would never do that” because you never know. I’ve surprised myself many times by doing things I never thought I’d do!

What's your favourite place in the whole world?

Driving the back roads of Los Angeles, all the way from downtown to the water. I’d do that drive on my last day on this earth. 

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.”