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Skilled actress, producer, and model, Lee Levi forces us all to run to keep up! After several years in stockholm (along with her dog mylee), Lee recently decided to move back home to ribe, the oldest city in Denmark by the roaring west coast. We will admit to being a little starstruck upon meeting Lee! If you have scrolled through her instagram or seen her in movies or modeling campaigns her captivating presence is obvious. But it must be said, that she is both grounded and easy-going, and its clear that moving back to her roots in the southern part of Denmark helped her unearth a sense of calm and tranquility. While her career takes her around the world and she is on the road for most of the year, her home close to nature is where she rejuvenates her spirit.

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You could have chosen any city in the world to settle down in - why Ribe?

I lived in Denmark until I was 15 and up until now I’ve lived in the US, UK, Israel, Australia and Sweden. I didn’t plan to move back to Ribe but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and I found myself back here close to my family - and I actually feel the calm and serenity of this place. I have come to terms with the fact that I need this contrast in my otherwise dynamically hectic life with lots of travel. For now Ribe is what I call home but I hope I will be moving to Copenhagen next year.

Can you tell us a bit about your work and the projects you are working on right now?

My new film “Sicilian Holiday” will premiere all over italy this November. The cast was amazing and it is shot at some amazing Italian venues. I’m currently in preproduction of five movies for next year - two of them I’m also producing which is a dream come true for me - so 2024 will be busy, just the way I like it. So currently I’m charging my batteries for the coming year while preparing for these different roles. I’m also booked for some modeling work on the side, and I have my own fashion line that just launched at www.alibithebrand.com.

What's the best part about your job and the most challenging?

Having been on the road for the last decade has given me such a huge network of talented people from all over the world and I see it as such a privilege to have learned from and been inspired by such amazing people. But this lifestyle also has its downs cause I essentially live a nomadic existence. Friends come and go which is also why I cherish my inner circle of friends that go way back. Don’t get me wrong - I love what I do - but this kind of job comes with a lot of sacrifice and a lot of my friends and partners haven’t been able to come to terms with this.

What's one thing about you that would surprise people?

People are usually surprised by the fact that I’m an introvert - an introvert in disguise you might say. Because I do come across as an extrovert because I am very much a people person. But I truly love being alone. I just feel at ease and the most comfortable in my own company.

Have you ever felt starstruck yourself?

Have I ever felt starstruck? Oh yes! I think this is triggered by charisma. Some people just glow with charisma and in my opinion this is what sets them apart from the crowd. I once met Gerald Butler at a party and he just have that certain something.

We are in the start of September and you can feel the seasons change. How do you feel about the fall?

Fall is my favorite season of the year! Especially September and October really does it for me. I usually have a lot going on these months with work with a lot of projects to finalize before the end of the year. I also really love fall fashion and the temperature just suits me perfectly!

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You travel a lot and you're away from home, how do you 'acclimate' and recharge when you're home?

For the first time in a really long time i feel at HOME in Denmark. Settling down in Ribe is not permanent, But Denmark gives me a sense of stability and calm. At this point in my life I understand the importance and privilege of ‘the feeling of home’. To have a home that you love, where you feel safe and grounded and it’s yours! That’s incredible.

How would you describe 'the feeling of home', and how have you created a home around it yourself?

As soon as I laid eyes on the MAGMA sofa i fell in love because of the minimalistic design. It’s a piece of art, really, it’s so beautiful. I also love the size and comfort of it, as I chose the 350 cm model with a puf. Honestly this sofa adds so much joyous comfort to my home and it’s the first thing that guests notice!

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