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Back home for a few weeks between projects, Danish actor Jonathan Harboe invited us into his calming home as he prepared for an exciting new venture - his first project as a director. His home reflects his love for design and color, balancing minimalism with a nod to his Danish heritage. Jonathan values a beautiful and serene space, a necessary contrast to his busy schedule and the exhilaration of traveling.His flat is a reflection of his personality - elegant yet unpretentious, with subtle hits of dramatic color! Jonathan’s passion for acting is evident, and it also became quite clear that he enjoys the thrill of new territory, diving into various new projects with equal enthusiasm. Appreciating life’s variances in a blend with sky-high aspirations and undying love for adventure and travel, Jonathan knows this is all fueled in his sanctuary of a home that allows him to recharge, unwind, and feel calm.

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What drew you to pursue a career in acting, and how did your journey
into the industry unfold?

Since I was a kid, I always had a hard time differentiating reality vs. fiction. When life was hard, I escaped into a fictional world of made up characters and stories. When I was 13, I watched The Godfather for the first time, and that was it. I knew I wanted to be an actor right then and there.

As you embark on your first project as a director, what inspired you to take on this new role behind the camera?

The storytelling aspect of acting has always been alfa omega to me, so moving behind the camera to direct felt very natural and has been a wish of mine for 10 years now. I just needed the right story and some time to find my style. Now, after eight years of teaching the field of acting and helping colleagues land the perfect role, topped with a particular experience that put my whole life in perspective, I now feel ready.

Can you tell us about your favorite piece of furniture or decor item in your home and the story behind it?

Not too long ago I bought my favorite chair of all time; Wegner’s China Chair. This has been on my wish list forever and when I saw it on an auction, I knew it had to be mine. Now I sit in it at my desk when I prepare for upcoming roles and auditions, I write scripts, read, and let my mind wander. I will say, the light blue TWIN sofa is always subject of great conversation when my friends come over. This pop of color brings some fun to my home and I spend at least an hour in it everyday.

What is the meaning of a home to you?

Home is like Neverland to me. This is where I feel totally free, where I let my guard down, and where prejudice has no place. That’s home to me.

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Denmark is known for its rich design heritage.
How does living in Copenhagen inspire
your creative endeavors?

You can’t help but notice the design heritage in this city, so I guess in some way, it’s a constant in our upbringing. It’s just a question of being open to it and draw inspiration from it. I love going to museums and you’ll see design furniture in almost every museum here.

What are some of your favorite spots or hidden gems in
Copenhagen that you enjoy exploring?

I like contrasts. So when I take my old Vespa around town, it’s everything from Sonny’s on Frederiksberg Allé to a shawarma spot on Istedgade. I love to sit there and people watch.

Are there any travel destinations that have left a profound impact on you?

Cuba. Without a doubt. I went there in 2008 and traveled the Island for three weeks. The people and their generosity,
the music, the colors. I’ll never forget it.

How do you approach maintaining a sense of serenity and inspiration in your home while juggling a busy career?

I’m all about steadiness in my home. My mind can be very busy, and so can my flight schedules at times, so having my flat clean and neat makes me wanna stay there and not wear myself down. I tend to see my flat as the only thing bringing peace and quiet to my mind. So it need to stay that way, to make room for all the craziness that lives in me.

Can you share any memorable experiences from your acting career that have stayed with you?

I’ll never forget getting the call for my first acting gig (Sjit Happens). It kickstarted my careerand turned a mere dream into reality. Fast forward 11 years when I last year booked a job on a big international Gladiator tv-series. I had a three page long monologue to perform in front of 350 extras and a film crew of 170 inside Fellinis old film studio in Rome. Living animals, movie stars, a famous director; it was nerve-wracking. As I stepped up on that podium to perform my lines I thought of my very first day on Sjit Happens; we were 20 people on set and I had no idea where this would take me.

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How do you navigate the highs and lows of the entertainment industry while staying true to yourself?

It’s all about staying true to the six-year-old me. Be playful, be humble, be thirsty for more and stay true to your dream of acting and directing. It’s not easy, but I’ll keep on trying.

Looking ahead, are there any dream projects or collaborations you aspire to pursue in the future?

There’s a very famous Danish poet whom I draw great inspiration from. He died at a young age and reminds me a little bit of James Dean. His darkness resonates with me and through his darkness he inspired a whole generation. I really want to write and direct his biopic one day.

Finally, we ask you to finish these sentences.

When I'm not working, you can find me… traveling the world!

One thing I can't live without when I travel is… I can’t limit it to only one thing; my earpods, a book, my camera, pen and a notebook.

My “sing in the car” song is… Almost Hear You Sigh by Rolling Stones

My sofa has to be… big and colorful.

In Copenhagen, I find inspiration in the… people and the bodegas.