In 2012 Formel A opened the doors to their first Formel A showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. Today they are welcoming you in their showrooms at

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 22 in Berlin
Nørregade 40 in Aarhus
Istedgade 56 in Copenhagen V
and in their new flagship store at Esplanaden 1 in Copenhagen K.

Mixed with a certain unpredictability and constant play with lines, form and color Formel A creates and manufactures furniture crafted by hand presented in showrooms purely reflecting their colored and aesthetically passionated state of mind.


Part of their designteam is Sigurd Larsen Design Studio, Studio Amanda Lilholt, Röd Studio and now the renowned and talented architect Eva Harlou. The common denominator in their design approach is their passion for innovative and inspired furniture and interior design creating immense possibilities in function and expression. Formel A’s designteam connects the imaginative and innovative with the pratical in form and function and recognizes the home as an expression of who we are with furniture for everyday life.

The aim is therefore to create and represent design that challenges our idea of aesthetics and inspire our beliefs via simple geometries and inspired minds and always with a story to tell.

And the story that Formel A is passionate about telling these days revolves around their new design collaboration with Eva Harlou and their new sofa FRIDAY.


FRIDAY is designed by Eva Harlou for Formel A:

“We tend to associate friday with well-deserved relaxation. We glance at the weekend ahead, put our feet up, lower our shoulders and fill our mind with calm, expectations and that well known aaah feeling. This is the essence of FRIDAY that is designed from a wish of creating a sofa with focus on the ultimate comfort - both in terms of aesthetics and function.”

FRIDAY is created from a module that to the naked eye resembles a voluminous, soft pillow. This module has inspired the other seven FRIDAY modules with the consistantly simple, soft and almost levitating expression no matter the angle. All FRIDAY modules are designed to be enjoyed both as a single statement piece and combined in numerous ways giving creativity free rein. Should your life and need change with time a modular sofa as FRIDAY can easily change with you.


With a consistent focus on sustainable architecture and furniture design Eva Harlou strives to frame human life and needs in her work and create design that is both handcraft and art.

FRIDAY is created with a vision of a more sustainable future with recycled materials as it’s launched in a sustainable textile created by recycled polyester made of plastic bottles. This is Formel A’s first step towards a more sustainable production with an intention of thinking their design assortment in to more sustainable initiatives.

To Formel A it’s the vision of knowing that you have to start somewhere, give it your best and taking on the awareness of the fact that every initiative - small or large - we all lead in this direction will create a difference in the big picture.