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A PR professional by trade, Elina-Maria Winther's keen eye for detail and hospitality extends beyond her career, setting the stage for a modern but cosy atmosphere with room for a few whimsical choices adding that certain Elina-Maria touch. We sat down for a chat about work and life balance and delved into the challenge of blending passion for aesthetic excellence with the constant curiosity of a one-year-old eager to explore and redecorate. In this enticing flat in Frederiksberg, Elina's little home has been thoughtfully curated in every corner, with original exposed beams and architecture that have become more than just a part of the framework but art pieces themselves. Every corner shows off her passion for compiling beautiful pieces, while the interesting angles of the flat compliment the decor.

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What initially drew you to the field of PR?

The opportunity to shape narratives, build strong relationships, and make meaningful connections drew me to PR. It's the perfect blend of creativity and strategy. 

How do you stay inspired and motivated in your work and in your home life?

In both work and home life, I seek inspiration from travels, magazines, social media, nature, art exhibits, and most importantly conversations with loved ones. Setting goals and celebrating even the small wins always keeps me motivated.

What's your latest discovery?

My latest discovery is the newly opened Italian restaurant DONNA. My husband and I went there for our wedding anniversary and the food brought back memories to our summer holidays in Italy last year. Definitely worth a visit. 

Could you share some insight into your process of curating and
decorating your home?

When it comes to curating and decorating our home, I find inspiration in my travels, particularly from the design elements of hotels and magazines. Embracing minimalist design principles, I strive for a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. My approach involves integrating a mix of new and vintage pieces to infuse our space with a sense of character and personal history. There's something captivating about the stories vintage pieces carry, and the combination of old and new creates a dynamic atmosphere to each room.

As someone with a keen eye for detail, how do you approach organizing
and arranging your living space?

I prioritize functionality while paying attention to the smallest details. Everything has its
place (it needs to with a one-year-old) and I strive for a clutter-free environment that
promotes peace and productivity.

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What advice would you give others who aspire to create a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and deeply meaningful, but also has room for everyday life with kids?

For those seeking to craft a home that blends aesthetics with significance while accommodating the everyday chaos of family life, my advice is this: Invest in timeless furniture pieces that resonate with you on a deeper level. Avoid quick-fix solutions that lack longevity; instead, opt for quality pieces that will endure. I personally enjoy creating mood boards for each room, allowing for thoughtful planning and ensuring everything finds its place upon moving in. This process also helps identify what to keep and what to part with, streamlining the space and promoting a sense of clarity.Incorporating storage solutions into every room is key—this not only maximizes space but also minimizes clutter. Additionally, don't shy away from imperfections; they add character and warmth to a home. Involve the entire family in the decorating process to cultivate a space that authentically reflects your collective personalities and values. Ultimately, decorating should be fun experience. 

What does 'the feeling of home' mean to you and how is it reflected in your home?

To me, the feeling of home embodies a sense of safety, love, and authenticity. It's mirrored in the carefully chosen furniture pieces we've invested in, each representing our journey and aspirations. Moreover, it's evident in the warm and inviting atmosphere that permeates our space,
making everyone who enters feel instantly at ease and embraced.

What made you go for the MAGMA sofa for this beautiful space, and how do you feel
it connects with the space and the rest of your interior?

The MAGMA sofa's modern yet inviting design perfectly complements the aesthetic of our living room. We bought it before we got the apartment and fits perfectly into our living room — Its comfort and looks make it the ideal centerpiece for family gatherings and quiet evenings alike.

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Finish these sentences:

I dream of…
finding peace and contentment in life's simple moments, surrounded by loved ones and embracing the beauty of everyday experiences.

I would never...
give up on my dreams or stop believing in the power of perseverance and resilience.

When in doubt…
I trust my instincts and seek guidance from trusted mentors or loved ones.

You will never see me…
giving up on something I'm passionate about without a fight. Also when it comes to new interior pieces. There is always room for another lamp, or chair, right? 

If money wasn’t an object, I would…
buy I our dream house and travel the world with my little family.