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A color connoisseur, Carina Baumann lives in the Carlsberg City district with a breathtaking view of the city of Copenhagen. With an eye for interior, Carina has created a beautiful oasis focusing on color and comfort. Her thoughtful choices have turned an empty canvas into a harmonious work of art. 

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You are clearly very bold when choosing colors in your beautiful home. Have you always loved surrounding yourself with colorful objects?

Oh yes! I grew up with colors – it’s a part of my DNA. There weren’t many white walls, and the ones that were there were decorated with colorful objects. I had a short period of being a bit too beige in my surroundings (and wearing black, which honestly is so off-character for me). But it just didn’t make me happy. Colors affect my mood and I prefer happy, bold yet calm colors to create the illusion of sunlight
and warmth.

Do you have any advice for new homeowners when choosing the right furniture
for your home?

Usually, I either have some colors or a few pieces of either furniture or art that will be my starting point. Always take a goog look at your space: Is it light or dark? Is it dominated by either cold or warm materials? And is there anywhere you have been, where you were especially happy with the atmosphere and why? It is important to respect the space, to create a both comfortable and beautiful home. And don’t be afraid of making a bold move - it will give so much if you really “mean” it. No halfsies. And it can be one item making the entire difference, not everything needs to be “much”.

What item in your home is your absolute favorite?

That would be my CH07 chair by Hans J. Wegner - my dream chair! I was so lucky to purchase it on DBA last year. We got it reupholstered with Kvadrat Textile and I love it so much. 

Which color describes you as a person the best?

I think some shade of rose/pink… Not only because I love pinkish colors, but because it often contains both warm and cold shades. Not that I am a cold person, but I tend to have “blue” moods in between the smiles and positive energy that I of course prefer to give and show. Would have loved to say yellow, but I think I would be lying.

What's something people don’t know about you?

That I am an introvert. I use up my social energy pretty fast and require a lot of quiet time on my couch watching either Studio Ghibli or Disney movies. I only have very few close friends, cause I can’t keep up and give enough back. I enjoy being alone or just hang with my son and husband. They help me generate energy. This is another reason that I really appreciate my job - I get so much social contact, hugs and smiles during my work day, and then I can go home and re-charge instead of going out and searching for what I luckily get every day in a much easier way (speaking as an introvert).

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What has been your all-time favourite place that you’ve travelled to and why?

Japan and New Zealand. Japan because of everything really, haha.. The food, the culture, the handcrafts, the art, the mix of traditional and almost futuristic ways of living. And New Zealand
because of the breathtaking nature and the friendly atmosphere.

You work at a model agency. What’s the most fun thing about your job?

The people! My colleagues and the models and artists. Of course, I can’t deny that keeping up with fashion isn’t interesting, but after a while honestly, it is the people who make it fun and interesting. The young people's journeys, not only in the industry but in their lives as well. You get to ride along and experience all the feelings and victories. And on top of that, I have the most fun colleagues in the world - so warm and nice people - not a day goes by when we do not laugh.

Tea or coffee?

I would say tea - even though I really like coffee but I grew up “on” tea. It relaxes me and somehow equals family time. I somehow associate coffee with work or cafés. Tea is more “homey”.

What song would you say best sums you up?

Sukiyaki by Kyo Sakamoto. That is just the sound of the mood I prefer to be in.
Sounds like a sunny Sunday morning.

And speaking of Sundays... how does a perfect Sunday look for you?

Sunday means to slow down. Waking up with my son who is bumping his head against mine and meeting my eyes with the biggest smile. No rush, just spending time with family, going to a museum - preferably Kunsthal Charlottenborg - eating great bread with whipped butter, and walking around in Copenhagen holding hands with my husband. And ending the day with some quiet time on
the couch with a cup of tea and some chocolate.

What's the most interesting thing you can see out of your living room window?

The beautiful tower of the elephant gate and the cactus towers around sundown. Copenhageners either love or hate the cactus towers but when that orange light hits and the sky is pink and purple, I mean - WAUW.

Name 3 things you love about Copenhagen.

The easy access to art and culture, the style and all of the amazing restaurants and cafés.
Nothing beats Copenhagen in the summer.

Which piece of advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

It is okay to be confused. And life is good!